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Project Leadership and Organizational Change

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It is staggering that close to 80% of change initiatives end up failing, or falling far short from reaching their goals. For the most part this is not because the initiatives represent bad ideas, but rather it is mostly attributed to flawed execution, failure to understand what the change is about, failure to realize the extent of the organizational change and a disconnect between the strategic aspect of the change and the tactical elements that include the project itself, the team involved and the measurement of success.

This program helps participants lead change effectively and achieve the intended results of the change initiative. Whether from within the project or as a project stakeholder – the course helps participants impact the bottom line in their organization by increasing their capacity to effectively lead and manage new initiatives and strategies.

This program takes project management and its participants to the next level and by integrating the project with the context and the reasoning for which the project takes place. While it does not cover technical (and business analysis) elements related to building a business case, it covers the strategic context and the vision that are behind the need for the project. Further, the program helps participants build a solid thread of reasoning, context, rationale, and continuity and it enables project managers and business leaders to make informed decisions that directly add value to the strategic initiatives and the vision for which the project and the change initiative take place.

After taking this program, participants will be positioned to lead their organizations through change initiatives and toward a sustainable and lasting success and will be able effectively handle resistance and maximize the benefits and value creation for their organization.

Learning Objectives

Participants will gain practical skills to:

  • Effectively handle resistence
  • Maximize the benefits and value creation for their organization
  • Lead their organization through change initiatives & stratagies


Who Should Attend

This advanced 3-day seminar is appropriate for project managers, participants, and business leaders.


There is no prerequisite for this course.


You will receive a course binder containing copies of presentation slides, case studies, exercises, and suggested solutions.

What You Will Learn

Explore the nature of effectively leading change initiatives

  • Develop and realize personal capacity to lead
  • Explore leadership models and the organization’s style of leadership
  • Develop a personal leadership brand


Explore the nature of effectively leading change initiatives

  • Develop a compelling vision
  • Learn to present the vision plan and engage the team to commit to action
  • Define and articulate the value proposition of the change
  • Realize the nature of organizational change
  • Frame the scope of change

course info

Course ID: PK-1095
Course Level: Advanced
Duration: 3 Days

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