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Schedule and Cost Control [Online]

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This online course provides participants with real world tools to manage the complex problems surrounding schedule and cost management. Students will learn a variety of tools and techniques to see what works and what does not in the real world of project management.


This course is best suited for intermediate and advanced project managers.


Although not required, Introduction to Project Management (PM101) is recommended as a prerequisite.


Course Introduction

Quick PM Review

  • The PMI-SP Process
  • The PMI-SP Exam
  • The Basics of PM
  • The Five Process Groups
  • The PMI Process Model
  • The Nine Knowledge Areas


Time Management

  • The PMI Scheduling Model
  • Decomposition
  • Dependencies
  • Conditional Diagramming
  • Leads and Lags
  • Duration Estimating Methods
  • Bottom-Up Estimating
  • Analogous Estimating
  • Expert Judgment for Estimating
  • Parametric Modeling Estimating
  • Program Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT)
  • Project Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT)
  • Resource Considerations
  • Schedule Creation


xCritical Path Method

  • CPM Basics
  • CPM Diagram
  • Constraints
  • Resource Leveling
  • Simulation
  • Duration Compression


Basic Cost Management

  • Types of Cost Estimating
  • Bottom-Up Cost Estimating
  • Analogous / Top Down Estimating
  • Parametric Cost Estimating
  • Types of Project Costs
  • The Cost Baseline
  • Total Project Budget


Introduction to Earned Value

  • Basic Performance Reporting
  • Triangle Reporting
  • Basic Terms
  • Basic Formulas
  • Reading EVT Values
  • Forecasting
  • EVT Charting
  • EV Performance Radar
  • EV 4th Dimension Radar
  • Performance Dashboard


Critical Chain Management

  • The Current Management Paradigm
  • Current Project Schedules
  • The Results
  • A New Paradigm
  • The Theory of Constraints
  • Theory of Constraints Meets Project Management
  • Prevent Multi-Tasking
  • Prevent Multi-Tasking 2
  • CCPM Key Concepts


Project Quality Management

  • Plan Quality
  • Plan Quality Management
  • Perform Quality Assurance
  • Control Quality


Other Cost Calculations

  • Present Value (PV)
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Future Value Calculation
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
  • Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Payback Period
  • Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR)
  • Opportunity Costs (OC)
  • Depreciation


course info

Course ID: CA-1011
Course Level: Intermediate
Duration: 14 hours

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$285 USD


PMI Talent TriangleThe following table provides the breakdown of the professional development units (PDUs) for this course aligned with the PMI Talent TriangleTM.

  Tech. Ldrshp. Strat. & Bus.
PMP 14 0 0
PgMP 14 0 0
PfMP 7 0 0
PMI-ACP 7 0 0
PMI-SP 14 0 0
PMI-RMP 0 0 0
PMI-PBA 0 0 0

The three columns in the above table are Technical Project Management, Leadership, and Strategic & Business Management.

Other Credits

Other professional (re)certification credits are available, including:

  • Certified Business Analyst Professionals (CBAPs) earn 14 CDUs (Category 2B)
  • Certified Software Quality Engineers (CSQEs) earn 2 RUs
  • CIPS Information Systems Professionals (ISPs) earn 14 Learning Credits
  • CIPS Information Technology Certified Professional (ITCPs) earn 14 Learning Credits