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International Project Management Day (Toronto) Celebrations

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Procept Associates Ltd. is the primary sponsor and organizer of the International PM Day celebrations in Toronto. This 1-day mini-conference takes place on the first Thursday of November each year. In prior years, the event was sponsored by companies related to Procept, but in 2015, Procept Associates Ltd. assumed the lead role in funding, organizing, and sponsoring the event. It is just one way that Procept gives back to the PM community in gratitude for helping to make Procept a success.


In 2017, the event will be held on November 2nd at North York Memorial Community Hall located at 5110 Yonge St., just steps away from North York Civic Centre and North York Centre subway station on the Yonge line. Admission is a nominal $25 to cover catering -- mention it to your friends. (And, yes, you get PDUs, CEUs and other professional recertification credits for attending.) 

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Registration and Continental Breakfast

Conflict on Projects: Please Tell Me Why?
by Janice Petley
Project Managers must have strong conflict resolutions skills because all projects have conflict. Based on the results of her research, the speaker discusses the types of conflicts that are most likely to occur during various project phases and presents models that can be used to resolve those conflicts. Conflicts on projects occur because of differences of opinion or different levels of understanding regarding specific issues. Area of conflict could include: goals, schedules, budgets, requirements, deliverables, methodologies, changes, risks, and resources. There are also personality conflicts.   Unresolved conflicts typically intensify and become increasingly difficult to resolve. If substantive conflicts remain unsettled, they are more likely to turn into personality conflicts; the most problematic type of conflict. Although conflicts are by nature unpredictable, there are some patterns that help us predict the type of conflicts we might experience. There are several models that can be used to resolve conflicts and the skilled project manager should have a variety of conflict resolution tools in his or her tool kit. The ability to successfully manage conflict in a professional, timely manner distinguishes an average project manager from a great project manager.  

Using a Capability Lens to Identify Project and Program Delivery Risks
by Mark Peco
Project managers working within larger programs deliver cross-functional projects and services that must be aligned with broader organization goals to be successful.  New opportunities available to organizations from advances in analytics are offering the promise of data-driven success. Achieving this potential is risky.  Risks exist in each implementation project, in the dependencies between projects and in the operational environment that follows implementation.  Assuming an overall program leadership team is accountable for success as defined by business impact, a capability lens provides a useful framework for exploring and identifying risks within and across projects that need to be managed.  This presentation frames the data-driven journey as a series of linked projects and services that build new capabilities for the organization.  The resulting framework shows capability areas that can be used to assess strengths and weaknesses.  The areas of weakness expose areas of risk that need to be addressed by the leadership team.

Change is the New Norm: How to use Change Management Techniques in your Projects
by Sandra Reimer
What is Change & what does it really take to manage It?  Change is the new constant. From Implementing new  business strategies, mergers and acquisitions, to agile transformations,  implementing new technologies, and new product development, change is everywhere!  Today, most organizations tend to focus on the technology side but these initiatives are basically rendered useless if your employees and customers did not come along the journey.  Come learn from Sandra Reimer, Director of Innovation & Transformation at Vertex Change Management, on how to start developing your organizations change management competency.


Do You Know What Should Be on Your PM Radar: Key Trends in Project Management
by Sylvie Edwards
Are you prepared for what’s coming up? It is expected that by 2020, 1.57 million of project management related workplaces will be created. At the same time, the requirements for PM candidates are constantly shifting. Smart businesses have to pay attention to these trends in order to keep ahead of the pack, so why wouldn't we? This presentation will cover some of the key trends that are on our radar but also often at our doorstep. No matter how much you may already know, there is always something new to learn! By the end of our session, we hope that you will be able to position yourself for success and map out what your path should be, by paying attention to what’s on your PM radar. Give yourself a competitive advantage by being at the forefront of new trends, ideas, and opportunities. 

Hidden Agile Benefits Revealed
by Kevin Aguanno
A detailed analysis of financial data from many real world agile projects. Reveals benefits never before described. Join Canada’s agile project management guru, Kevin Aguano on this fast paced focused presentation, as he pulls back the curtain to reveal new benefits that could make your case for an agile project.


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