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Bill Krebs

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SPC, PMI-ACP, ScrumMaster and Practitioner

Bill Krebs has worked as a developer, performance engineer, and consultant at five IBM Labs since 1983. He’s used and taught Agile software development methods such as Scrum and Lean since 2001. But that was the old world. Now Krebs teaches both face to face and using Virtual worlds – not just to save money, but to provide better learning experiences. He is a well-known figure in the agile community and is actively involved in many industry associations. He is on the Board of Directors of Rockcliffe University Consortium.








Information Technology


Agile Delivery Methods, Software Development


Bill Krebs


Agile Dimensions - Bill Krebs' Keynote


Which World are You In by AgileBill Krebs SLMOOC April 18th

Bill is an excellent communicator and extremely patience. He validates everyone so that they wish to shine for him which inspires maximum input from those he engages. As an Agile trainer he is always seeking new & innovative ways to get ideas incorporated for the end user. A good diagnostician for those seeking what solution would work best for them.

Patricia Murphy, Cheif Immersions Officer, Agile Dimensions, LLC:

Working with Mr. Krebs is inspiring. He’s articulate, innovative and creative. Mr. Krebs is an expert brainstormer/mover-n-shaker. I know when Krebs takes on a project it will be completed on time, within budget and the end product will be topnotch. Working on any project with Krebs rocks!

Robin Sheridan, Business Support / Consultant, LTS Enterprises, LLC:

I've never met Bill Krebs in person yet we worked together for nearly a year. I was an Agile Coach/Consultant at Cognos a recent acquisition by IBM, Bill was the coordinator for the TDD (Test Driven Development) community. Although we've never met Bill has earned my respect as a great facilitator especially in a remote community staffed solely by volunteers all of whom had day jobs. Bill was able to harness our energies and interests to create a community inside IBM. He found ways to get us to do things that needed doing and yet were not of immediate benefit to us.

Mark Levison, CST, Sr/Advisory Software Developer, Cognos an IBM Company127:

Bill reminds me of Mr. Data of Star trek, He is Mr. Data of Agile Software Development. He is an Agile encyclopedia, having read a lot, he understands all perspectives of Agile Software Development; He has his own very simplistic, logical and practical views of very complex software development processes. It has been fun to work with him, and know him personally. I highly recommend him as Agile Coach and Mentor for Software Development teams.

Nadeem Khan, President, Softech Worldwide LLC:

Bill did a fabulous job as a change agent at IBM. He brought agile software development to IBM back in the 'early days' in 2000. He was passionate about the benefits agile could bring to his team. Not only was he an effective champion and technical leader for agile practices, but he also played the role of 'blocking and tackling' for his teammates by handling requests for plan-driven artifacts so they could proceed with being agile. He created the Shodan survey for assessing how agile a team was.

Laurie Williams, Associate Professor, NC State University / Dept of Computer Science128:

Bill has a deep understanding of Agile Software development practices, and particularly in Test Driven Development (TDD), He has a great mixture of deep academic understanding of software development practices, as well as lots of practical application.

Robert Begg, Agile/Lean Softwrae Development Coach, IBM:

Bill has skills and abilities others can only dream to master: Natural leadership abilities, technical expertise in leading/bleeding edge tools and techniques, AND an ability to creatively teach and coach others in a supportive and positive manner. Bill has a highly inquisitive mind coupled with an intellectual curiosity that drives him to always stretch the boundaries of topics in highly creative and imaginative ways. Bill is an industry expert in the area of agile development practices.

Kathleen Coyle, Program Director: Quality and Customer Satisfaction, IBM:

I've worked with Bill over a number of years on the WW Quality Software Engineering, and Agile Software Development initiatives here at IBM. At foundation Bill is a highly experienced and capable software developer but has abilities that go well beyond that. Bill's knowledge of software development practices is exceptional. He understands not only what they do but also how they work and can communicate this well to others. He is personally innovative and passionate about improving software development effectiveness.

Paul Gibson, Development Operations Manager, IBM:

Bill is a truly intelligent and talented software professional. His understanding of agile and the technical aspects of software design never ceases to astound me.

Dr. Charles Suscheck, Project Consultant, Independant Consultant:

Bill has consistently demonstrated enthusiasm, persistence, and broad expertise as he has helped promote and lead IBM's dramatic move to Agile software engineering. He is noted as an authority on Test-Driven Development, and personally led the development of a tool known as the Deployment Evaluation Framework (which has since been productized), a tool that has helped our Agile teams systematically improve each iteration. He has a proven track record, and is a consistently positive and energetic educator and catalyst.

Ted Rivera, IBM: