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To provide additional and enhanced instructional techniques to instructors who have completed the Effective Classroom Instruction workshop.


Participants will gain the ability to be able to:

  • Adjust delivery methods and techniques to accommodate differences in student personalities and learning preferences (styles)
  • Create and use mnemonics to aid retention
  • Identify the different strategies for effective “team teaching”
  • Develop essential platform skills
  • Use games, humor, and gimmicks to enhance participation and learning
  • Utilize a wide range of questioning techniques to handle almost any instructional situation
  • Develop simple visual aids to focus and punctuate instruction, regardless of artistic ability or technological sophistication
  • Describe strategies for blending self-directed instruction (i.e., e-Learning) with traditional stand-up instruction
  • Perform effective demonstrations and orchestrate small group and “hands-on” practice sessions
  • Initiate activities to ensure proper follow-through after a training activity



This 2-day course is designed for instructors wishing to learn techniques that will take their classroom instruction to the next level.


Participants are required to have completed the Effective Classroom Instruction workshop


You will receive a course binder containing a copy of the presentation slides.


Day 1:

  • Setting expectations for the 2-day workshop


Advanced Questioning Techniques

  • Practice in the art of asking just the right question to extract a specific learning point from students
  • Create questions to test recall
  • Comprehension and application capability


Learning Styles

  • How to vary delivery methods and instructional techniques in order to accommodate differences in student learning preferences and personality types
  • Students will be given a learning style assessment tool to determine their own preferences.


Games, Humor, Gimmicks, and Storytelling

  • Do’s and don’ts of using these techniques successfully; when and when not to use them



  • How to create memory aids for confusing facts, concepts, processes or procedures


Essential Platform Skills

  • Putting the “Visual” in Visual Aids
  • How to present even the most complex concept visually


Day 2:
Practice Presentations

  • Students will deliver a 20-minute (maximum) presentation to a small group of peers, using a variety of techniques


Team Teaching

  • Tips for maximizing the effectiveness of “team” taught classes
  • Creative transitions between instructors



  • Practice in helping students relate the familiar to the unfamiliar


Performing Demonstrations and Orchestrating “Hands-on” Practice

  • Four types of demonstrations
  • Strategies for making “hands-on” practice successful


Blended Learning

  • Various strategies for integrating traditional instructor-led training with self-directed, technology-based learning opportunities


Training Follow Through

  • Strategies for making sure that students will actually apply what they have learned in class
  • How to effectively interface with management


course info

Course ID: PM-0201
Course Level: Advanced
Duration: 2 days

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