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Alex Jalalian

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BSc, MBA, DBA (Candidate), EFQM Assessor, IPMA-A/B/C/D Assessor, IPMA PEM Assessor, IPMA-Delta Assessor, IPMA-PMC Assessor

Alex Jalalian has been a visiting lecturer at the Grenoble école de management in Grenoble, France, teaching project management to part-time MBA students. He is also a First Assessor of International Project Management Association (IPMA) 4-Level Certification System, an IPMA Delta Foreign Assessor, and an IPMA PM Consultancy First Assessor. He has also been an IPMA International Award Assessor, assessing projects in Romania and Russia, for IPMA's International Project Excellence Awards.

He worked for 20 years within the IT and Telecom industries in Switzerland with management assignments including software and system engineering in development, product management in marketing, program management in R&D, and strategy and marketing management in new product development.

Some of his professional highlights include software system project management where he managed a team of 5 software engineers for 8 projects ranging in duration from 3 months to a year with Ascom Hasler for Swisscom; managing a strategy and business planning project for a year; negotiation with Nortel with the aim of establishing a joint venture between Ascom and Nortel in Switzerland; managing an international project team of 6 software engineers for 2 years with Ascom Hasler for Chinese Telecom PTT of Guandong and Beijing provinces; performing technology research programme management at Swisscom by managing 2 major European projects for 2 years in collaboration with 6 other European Telecom firms for the R&D division of Swisscom; and as Marketing and Business Development Director for RSO Data Ltd.

After obtaining A'levels from Cambridge University (UK), and undergraduate honours degree in Computer Science with Mathematics, from Westfield College, University of London (UK), Alex attended and completed the International Executive Masters Programme in International Management at London Business School, University of London (UK). He is now a doctorate candidate at Grenoble ecole de management, conducting researching in Project Management. He also holds a European Excellence Assessors Diploma from the European Foundation for Quality Management. Most of Jalalian’s PM trainings and Management Consultancy mandates have been with international clients.

Alex Jalalian is a Senior Consultant within Procept Associates Ltd. and is Procept's sales contact for Europe and the Middle East.





Construction, Engineering, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Nano-Technologies, Natural Resources, Petrochemical, Telecommunications


Business Architecture, Governance, Leadership, Market Research, Organizational Strategy, PM Competence Assessment, Program Management, Project Audits, Project Health Checks, Project Management, Project Management Training, Project Portfolio Management, Project/Program Strategy, Scenario Planning, Service Delivery Management, Strategic IS Planning, Strategic Planning