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Andikan Ibanga

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Andikan Ibanga is a Senior Consultant at Procept Associates Professional Services Limited, a franchisee of Procept Associates Ltd, Canada, a consulting and training firm specialising in project management, business analysis, IT service management and business continuity management.

As an Associate consultant at KPMG, he worked as team member and team lead on various engagements across commercial and mortgage banking, insurance and other financial institutions, as well as government agencies. Some of these engagements include developing recommendations for optimal structuring of a consortium of companies to minimize tax exposure, enhance performance monitoring and financial reporting, analyzing the financial and non-financial impact and implication of various staff layoff options to management, analyzing and reporting on cultural differences that may impact a proposed bank integration project, performing industry and benchmark reviews and current state analysis and developing strategic implications for a Mortgage refinance company, assisting in the development of product manuals for a merchant bank, facilitation of break-out sessions, and management retreat reviews, employee climate assessment and development of workplace turnaround initiatives in a leading Nigerian Bank.

Andikan has also as an independent consultant with a boutique consulting firm recently led a process review and organizational restructuring assignment for an indigenous oil and gas company and contributed insights towards the development of training programs for enhancing thinking skills of students at a foremost secondary school in Lagos.