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Deborah Fletcher

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Deborah Fletcher is an experienced Learning & Development Specialist, who has consulted with corporate clients to assess and assist organizations in developing their performance management systems, employee attraction and retention program strategies, and training and development programs.

As a facilitator, Deborah brings her passion for learning and development to leaders in the areas of organizational change, effective communication, team building and leadership development.

For over 20 years Deborah has facilitated leadership skills training programs through both a classroom format and e-learning platforms and provided ongoing coaching for front-line, middle and senior management teams, covering topics ranging from empowering teams, building a customer-centric organization to emotional intelligence for leaders.

As a sought-after presenter at national conferences and symposiums, Deborah brings her humour and energy to the podium and delivers dynamic, engaging sessions and programs.

Deborah holds a Diploma in Adult Training & Development from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (O.I.S.E.), University of Toronto and is certified by DDI in their Skills For an Empowered Workforce Programs, in Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II and IHHP’s Emotional Intelligence Programs.






Leadership, Supervisory Skills, Train the Trainer, Virtual Team Management