After only 2-days of training in a public offering of our Project Management Essentials for Festival Events & Hospitality course, five workers at Chai Lifeline went back to their office the next day and immediately implemented the newly-learned project management techniques to plan the Best Concert of 2017. They began to think in terms of “work packages”, “deliverables”, “work breakdown structures" and determining the “critical path” for their project — terms that were foreign to them only 48 hours earlier.

Ultimately, those who will really benefit from the course are children with cancer and their families who Chai Lifeline supports with social workers, and respite programs on a daily basis. The implementation of PM tools and techniques at Chai Lifeline will increase efficiencies and enable funds from donors be directed to where they are in greatest need, and to be used with greater efficiency.

Kudos to Janice Petley for being a wonderful facilitator and ensuring that all information was relatable to each participant’s unique environment.

Putting Learnings Into Use