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Practical Mentoring

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Installing a facilitated mentoring program allows an organization to rapidly clone their most talented performers. From the job of negotiating an agreement between a manager and a protege to specific coaching techniques, this workshop focuses on the practical "nuts and bolts" of installing a mentoring system that works.

The participants as mentors can streamline the way to performance improvement for others. Organizational benefits include not only a common language that causes coaching to become consistent, but also provides a successful structure to accelerate the development of targeted candidates and enhance the organization's memory.

This 1 day course is highly interactive with practice of the skills and techniques presented. Course content is presented through participative lectures, full group and small group discussion case studies and simulations.


Participants will gain the ability to be able to:

  • Develop strategies to overcome common problems that cause mentoring relationships to "crash and burn"
  • Use specific coaching skills to improve performance where it counts back on the job
  • Insure success during the initial meetings between the manager and the selected protege
  • Recognize performance improvement immediately and make sure the performance continues
  • Make specific recommendation to the boss of the person being coached to insure a return on any training investment



All levels of management, lead workers and specified employees who are charged with the task of mentoring another employee for the purpose of on the job development


This course has no prerequisite.


You will receive a course binder containing a copy of the presentation slides.



  • How We Got this Way - A review of participant's career to identify events that positively and negatively influence on the job development
  • What Can Go Wrong – Case study exercise to introduce what can go wrong in a mentoring situation; teams answer questions as to what could be done differently to avoid the problems and to assure a worthwhile mentor-protege developmental relationship
  • Overview of the objectives, content and expected outcomes of the workshop


The Negotiated Agreement

  • Full class discussion to establish the need for the upfront negotiated agreement to clarify expectations at the outset of the developmental relationship
  • Working with a mentor-protege contract template, teams practice negotiating agreements


Goals/Objectives and Activities

  • Full class discussion to establish the importance of career goal and objective setting as well as developmental activities planning
  • Working with mentor-protege planning log template, teams word career goal statements
  • Exercise reviews, the elements of a well-stated knowledge/skill/work habit objective
  • Discussion relates developmental activities to objectives and in turn to career development goal


Making Their Training Pay Off

  • Participative lecture to set guidelines for evaluating training offerings and selecting training that matches the need for on the job skill development
  • Full class discussion to generate a list of activities to be carried out in support of knowledge and skill development training


Correcting Behavioral Problems

  • The Ten Deadly Sins: Discussion of the ten work habits that most hinder employee development and progress
  • A step by step approach to coaching for the correction of problem work habits
  • Role play exercise in triads, two participants, one observer
  • Debrief exercise using observer’s comments to emphasize and reinforce key principles and behaviors


Recognizing Right Behaviors

  • Full class discussion of short case to establish the developmental power of positive recognition
  • Full class discussion to review the potential pitfalls in providing recognition
  • A step by step approach to sincerely recognizing positive behaviors to cause repetition of those behaviors
  • Role play exercise in triads, two participants, one observer
  • Debrief exercise using observers' comments to emphasize and reinforce key principles and behavior


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Course ID: PM-0108
Course Level: Beginner
Duration: 1 day

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