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Supervision in Today's Environment

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We believe that the supervisory level of management is the most critical level in the success of an organization. This seminar is designed to de-mystify the role of the modern supervisor and show why they must be a member of the management team.

This 2-day seminar will enable the participants to acquire organizational skills critical to the supervisory level of management to implement necessary changes in the work place effectively.

This course is highly participative and delivered in a seminar format through short participative lectures followed by discussions organized round case studies, questionnaires and small group activities.


Participants will gain the ability to be able to:

  • Identify their unique accountabilities and differentiate their role from others on the management team
  • Assure that the right work is being accomplished at the right level
  • Create an environment in which participation, empowerment and employee development are integrated into day to-day operations
  • Develop an "operational" job description through clarification of supervisory duties
  • Identify and implement critical payoff duties
  • Create and sustain a productive team environment
  • Obtain greater pay off from support functions and increase the utilization of current resources



Supervisors, first level managers and newly appointed members of management.


This course has no prerequisite.


You will receive a course binder containing a copy of the presentation slides.


DAY 1:
Organizational Role of the Supervisor

  • The supervisor's unique role on the management team
  • Make sure the work gets out – creating a productive environment
  • What supervisors should expect from their managers


Head of Work Group

  • "Really wants "v s. "hope fors" - true communications
  • Key duties - the supervisor's 'lob description”
  • Multiplying results through critical "payoff' duties
  • Causing the right things to happen the right way


DAY 2:
Organization Leadership

  • Supervising in a team environment
  • Empowerment – what does it really mean? and how to do it
  • Developing people-whose job and how
  • Staff resources – how to use them effectively


The Supervisor as a Member of Management

  • The "sandwich theory'- and where the supervisor fits
  • The image of influence and its critical importance
  • Ensuring management support of supervisory decisions
  • The "new leadership" – what it means to today's supervisors


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Course ID: PM-0123
Course Level: Beginner
Duration: 2 days

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