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Procept Presents... Agile Management Videos

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Procept's agile experts have created the following educational videos for the agile community.


Hidden Agile Benefits Revealed
by Kevin Aguanno

A detailed analysis of financial data from many real-world agile projects reveals benefits never before described.

Join Canada’s agile project management guru, Kevin Aguanno, on this fast-paced, focused presentation as he pulls back the curtain to reveal new benefits that could make your business case for an agile project.

Choosing the Right Iteration Length
by Kevin Aguanno

Common questions all new agile practitioners ask is how do you choose the right iteration (or sprint) length for your project? Should you always choose the same length? Can you vary them?

Join agile guru Kevin Aguanno as he answers these questions in this recording from a presentation given at the International Project Management Day celebrations in Toronto on November 2017.

Bimodal Delivery Explained
by Kevin Aguanno

Join Procept Associates' Agile Practice Lead, Kevin Aguanno, as he explains "bimodal delivery" in simple, everyday terms. This short video was extracted from a presentation given at the International Project Management Day celebrations in Toronto in November 2017.

A Day in the Life of an Agile Team
by Kevin Aguanno

When adopting agile methods, people learn about practices such as Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-Up Meetings, End-of-Sprint Demos, Retrospectives, Backlog Maintenance and more... The problem many people face, is how do all of these techniques mesh together into one unified framework.

In this webinar recording, agile guru Kevin Aguanno as he describes what a typical day looks like for an agile team at the start of an iteration, during the middle of the iteration, and at the iteration close. he will describe how these (and other) agile practices integrate together to provide feedback mechanisms to drive higher productivity, better quality, and more responsive project delivery.

Why All the Fuss About Agile?
by Kevin Aguanno

Over the past decade, there has been dramatic growth in the adoption of agile project delivery methods. Agile is no longer used just by small, dot com startup companies; rather, it has been adopted by large corporations, government bodies, and trans-national NGOs. Agile has become mainstream. But why? What is compelling so many organizations to change their project delivery approaches to incorporate agile techniques?

Join in this 51-minute webinar as Canada’s leading agile project management expert, Procept's Kevin Aguanno, explains why agile approaches are needed, what are the benefits and risks of taking an agile approach, and how to tell if agile may be the right approach for your own project.

The Role of the Agile BA
by Ori Schibi

Agile delivery methods tend to have builders of a solution working more directly with stakeholders to understand their requirements. Many in the agile community have said that they no longer need business analysts. This has understandably led to concerns in the BA community that they are becoming obsolete in an agile world.

In this new video, senior Procept consultant Ori Schibi talks about the key role that BAs can play in agile projects — if they have the right know how and attitudes.


Choosing the Right Approach
by Kevin Aguanno

Procept Associates senior consultant Kevin Aguanno presents four different ways of structuring a project (waterfall, iterative, incremental, and agile), the differences and benefits of the four approaches, and a decision-making framework to help you choose the right structural approach for any project. Examples are used from many different industries and many different project types to help clarify key points and ensure that all viewers can relate to the content.

Backlog Management (BABOK 10.2)
by Jonathan Nituch

This is an introduction to Product Backlog Management (a.k.a. Backlog Maintenance or Backlog Grooming) as described in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) section 10.2. Narrated by Jonathan Nituch of Procept Associates Ltd. an IIBA Charter Endorsed Education Provider.

Defined vs. Empirical Management
by Kevin Aguanno

Procept Senior Associate, Kevin Aguanno, explains the difference between defined and empirical management methods.