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Effective instruction is not just lecturing or going through a series of overheads. The learner-centered approach to instruction is the most valid concept for instruction. This workshop enables the participants to practice the best instructional methods and techniques for effective classroom instruction.

The participants will acquire skills that normally take 3-5 years in only 4 days. They will be able to facilitate learning among those they teach, in a quicker, more effective way.

This is a “hands-on” course. Each skill is taught and followed by participants’ practice and critique. Participants should expect to spend a part of their evenings preparing for the next day’s class.


Participants will gain the ability to be able to:

  • Turn dull sessions into more lively, interesting ones
  • Cause learning through involvement rather than merely “talking at people”
  • Use questions to spark interest, keep attention and double-check understanding; instructors who use the concepts from this course will know how they are teaching while they are teaching, not after the tests or quizzes have been given
  • Use visuals to keep people alert and focused rather than put them to sleep
  • Teach from student experience as well as from their fund of knowledge
  • Guarantee learning has taken place rather than merely hope that it has



This workshop is designed for new instructors, seasoned instructors wishing to hone their skills, subject-matter experts who have been asked to teach and managers, supervisors, team leaders and coaches with teaching responsibilities.


This course has no prerequisite.


You will receive a course binder containing a copy of the presentation slides.


DAY 1:
How Adults Learn

  • A comprehensive look at proven principles for instructing adults


The discussion method of instruction

  • Leading a discussion conference
  • Use of questions in discussional teaching


Handling Problem Participants

  • Strategies for managing disruptive behaviors while keeping the group on “your” side


Day 2:
Participant Practice

  • Students will deliver practice presentations using the discussional method of instruction


The use of programmed notes and programmed summaries to enhance the learning process

The types, purposes and basic structure of role-play

Participative Lecture

  • How to turn a lecture into an interactive learning experience
  • A detailed look at the use of questions within a lecture


Day 3:
Participant Practice

  • Students will deliver practice presentations using the participative lecture method of instruction


The effective use of overheads, videos, flipcharts and other teaching aids to focus and punctuate instruction

Lesson planning

  • How to write learning objectives which will act as a “blueprint” for your instruction
  • The right way to build a teaching document


Day 4:
Participant Practice

  • Students will deliver practice presentations using a combination of delivery methods and instructional techniques


The use of tests as an instructional tool

Ice Breaking techniques

  • Starting a training program in a positive, motivational way


course info

Course ID: PM-0210
Course Level: Beginner
Duration: 4 days

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