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Instructional Design

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Most training programs are not designed they are put together. In order for a training program to produce the best learning results as well as reduce the gap between the classroom and on-the-job performance, the program must be designed with precision. In this workshop, we present a 9-step method for designing training programs, which provides precision, economy, mastery of performance-related learning points and on-the-job results.

Participants will learn and apply what many design courses promise, but do not deliver — a learner-oriented, performance-driven design process. They will discover that they can produce effective and efficient designs through expertise in content analysis and instructional design without having to be a subject matter expert. They will be able to make the strategic decisions necessary to make any type of content analysis.

This is a true “hands-on” workshop with active student participation throughout. As each step in the design process is discussed, it is applied by the student to a sample program. The entire process is then applied to a project pre-selected by the student. The workshop itself provides a model of the design process and contains nearly all of the instructional methods and techniques being presented.


Participants will gain the ability to be able to:

  • Prepare learning objectives that are truly performance-based and provide the greatest opportunity for closing the gap between the classroom and the job
  • Write learner performance “tests” and carry out the process necessary to identify the appropriate content for each “test”
  • Use task analysis and decision tables to identify and organize learning content
  • Organize content according to the best learning sequence rather than traditional or topical sequence
  • Produce a complete lesson plan for one or more segments of a practice program and of a project pre-selected by you



This workshop is for anyone who is charged with design and delivery of any type of training program.


This course has no prerequisite.


You will receive a course binder containing a copy of the presentation slides.


Day One

  • An overview; introducing a performance-driven, learner-centered model of course design
  • The 9 steps in instructional design
  • The 2 parts of design: content and instruction
  • Preparing performance/learning objectives which pass the “test of reality”
  • Preparing student performance “tests”; how to create benchmark activities which verify learning


Day Two

  • Content Analysis
  • How to select subject matter which is necessary and essential for job performance
  • Tools for analyzing and organizing content: outlines, flowcharts and a detailed look at decision tables
  • Content validation: assuring the “right” content
  • Creative sequencing options; considering the best “learning sequence” vs. “ job sequence”


Day Three

  • Delivery method selection; strategies for choosing the best delivery method for your content and audience; which variables to consider
  • Instructional techniques; how to apply proven principles of adult learning to each delivery method; options for creating and maintaining attention and interest, causing and verifying learning and assuring retention
  • Creating a lesson plan; putting your course into teachable form
  • Validation; piloting your training program; how to know that it all works


course info

Course ID: PM-0302
Course Level: Beginner
Duration: 3 days

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