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The Instructional Writer's Workshop

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During this workshop, instructors will act as creative writing coaches, providing templates, job aids, "how-to" tips, one-on-one guidance and review for your instructional designers as they write, format and prepare to launch their performance based, instructor led training programs.

This creative workshop follows a pattern of template and job aid presentation, explanation and guided learn by doing. It is built to assist instructional designers with the creative writing process. Working with previously designed instructional blueprints, writers will create complete course materials with the help of the creative review and recommendation team.


Participants will gain the ability to be able to:

  • Use templates and job aids to write a lesson plan script and create student materials following your instructional design blueprint
  • Format a course document to be followed by all classroom instructors
  • Create a course specific checklist of recommended follow-through activities for the boss



This workshop is for anyone who is charged with design and delivery of any type of training program.


This course has no prerequisite.


You will receive a course binder containing a copy of the presentation slides.


DAY 1:

Blueprint Study

  • Form follows function. Just as the builder does a final review of the blueprint before beginning construction, the instructional writer must review the instructional design to become familiar with the functional elements and overall flow of the design.
  • This review provides an opportunity to answer questions of creative style and functional emphasis. Participants will create a course map and writer's checklist for their course.


The Topic Templates

  • The primary skill in each topic is the skill that is the most difficult and/or demands the most practice. Dependent on the nature of this primary skill, instructional writers select appropriate writing template combinations and job aids to use when creating student exercises, materials and lesson plan scripts.
  • Performance Exercise Templates include: roleplays, case studies, hands-on practice and recall testing.
  • Instructional Method Templates include: discussional, participative lecture, instructor demonstrations and instructor roleplay lesson plan scripts.


Instructor's Power Tools

  • The question is the instructor's primary tool for causing learning. Special emphasis will be placed on question/answer planning, testing and scripting.
  • In small groups, participants will practice scripting questions to achieve specific key emphasis points.


Guided Creative Writing—Putting it to Paper

  • Working with appropriate method and technique templates and Power Tools job aid and tips, participants will begin writing student practice activities, handout materials and instructor lesson scripts.
  • During this writing activity, the creative team will provide one-on-one review and recommendations.


Interim Writing Assignmant

  • Armed with templates, job aids and recommendations from the PMI creative team, writer participants will continue the writing process on a topic-by-topic basis—completing as much of their course writing process as possible before the next session. During this interim period while participants are writing, the PMI creative team will be available for e-mail or telephone consultations.


DAY 2:
One-On-One Review

  • The creative team will review instructional writer's completed work, recognize writer's accomplishments, assist in problem-solving and make recommendations.


Tips for Support Techniques

  • Form follows function in the design of programmed notes, summaries, graphics, board work and the like.
  • Participants will learn tips for creating these additional techniques designed to enhance student understanding and retention of key points.


Whole Course Introduction

  • Using Whole Course Introduction Template to assure that all elements are included, participants will write the whole course introduction for their projects.


Scripting the First Twenty Minutes of Training

  • Using the Getting Started Template, participants will write plans for opening activities including course, instructor and participant introductions.
  • The Template will also prompt and assist writers in creating pre-course activities checklists for the instructor as to how to create student-centered learn environments.


Training Insurance Checklist

  • Training alone can't cause improved performance on the job. To ensure results from training, the boss must carry out certain follow-through support activities.
  • Working with the Training Insurance Template, the writer will create a tailored list of recommended follow-through activities for the boss, including observations, questions and key behaviors to reinforce or correct.


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Course ID: PM-0305
Course Level: Intermediate
Duration: 2 days

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