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A complete online audio, video and digital workbook course designed for those that are serious about effectively teaching adults. The course is ACTION-oriented (not just knowledge-oriented), containing exercises which ask you to apply concepts to actual or simulated teaching situations, rather than just to acknowledge that the concepts exist.

Modules include:

  • Learning vs. Schooling
  • The Participative Lecture Method
  • Discussional Teaching Methods
  • Using Common Instructional Aids Effectively
  • Lesson Planning and Objective Setting
  • Experiential Learning Methods
  • One-on-One Instruction
  • To Test or Not to Test


The first five modules provide a basic foundation of practical approaches to instruction which should be assimilated by anyone who teaches adults in group settings. The three other modules are optional, depending upon the kinds of learning situations relevant to the courses you teach.

In order for you to obtain the best learning value from this program, it is important that you read each module, perform the exercises and respond to the questions asked. Then listen to the appropriate audio file for that module and review your responses. listen to Mater Trainer Frank Hoffman's additional teaching points and his demonstration of using the techniques learned.

Do not study more than one module at a time. Allow about two hours for each module.

It is significant that at the end of each module, you listen to the appropriate audio file in order to learn more, review the material and correct your responses, if needed.

Power Training for Adult Educators deals only with practical, down-to-earth techniques for making adult learning active and productive. Thus, the course has several unique characteristics:

  • Aimed at RESULTS, not "Entertainment": Emphasizes how to keep adults involved, coming back for more and RETAINING what was covered... not just staying awake or laughing.
  • Research & Experience Based: Every approach and technique is backed by research or proven experience since 1965 with business and government training departments, volunteer group educational programs, community college evening adult classes, and university extension courses.
  • Non-Theoretical: Not filled with academic theories of learning, nor "sophisticated" or "advanced" teaching technologies. Just simple, direct ways of keeping interest high and making sure that LEARNING is happening.
  • Brief, To-the-Point: Each of the workbooks is intentionally short, getting right to the point without a lot of unnecessary background or philosophy. You can get what you want without wading through lengthy chapters and endless variations of the same theme.


This program was developed under the personal direction of Frank Hoffman, co-founder of Practical Management Instruction, now an operating division of Procept USA LLC. Hoffman's experience with adult learning includes: faculty memberships at Contra Costa Junior College's Evening Adult Programs, UCLA Extension and Cal Tech Industrial Relations Center; instructor and manager of training positions with the US Civil Service Commission (Army Ordnance Supply Depots), C&H Sugar Corporation, Tidewater/Getty Oil Company, and The Marquardt Corporation; California General Elementary, General Secondary and General Administration credentials; M.Ed. and doctoral work in adult education at the University of California, Berkeley.

Mr. Hoffman has authored and coauthored courses for managers and supervisors attended by over 1 million participants!


At the end of this online course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the key principles of adult learning
  • Use the participative lecture method
  • Use discussional methods of instruction
  • Select and use appropriate instructional aids effectively
  • Plan lessons to maximize learning
  • And much more...



This 25-hour program is designed for trainers, instructors, facilitators, discussion leaders, community educators, continuing education part-time faculty.


There is no prerequisite for this course. It functions as a stand-alone course.

course info

Course ID: PM-0300
Course Level: Intermediate
Duration: 25 hours