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General Business Videos

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Procept and its subsidiaries focus on training leaders, managers, and senior team members how to improve their performance. Recognizing that the broader team includes other business resources,  we have produced the following videos on general business topics.


Using Big Data To Gain Insights With Power BI
by Danielle Papillon

We have been collecting data for thousands of years. The arrival of computers in the mid-20th century greatly expanded the capacity for data collection and processing and today data is collected on a vast range of topics, from social and economic trends to consumer behaviour and scientific research. The scale and scope of data collection continue to expand rapidly, driven by technological advances and the increasing importance of data in many aspects of society, leading to massive data sets we now refer to as "Big Data". Big Data empowers organizations to obtain meaningful insights from the vast amounts of data that are being generated every day. These insights can lead to better decision-making, improved operational efficiency, and the creation of new business opportunities and social value. Data analytics is the practice of developing insights from data sets. In this recorded webinar, Procept instructor Danielle Papillon examines how data analytics tools such as PowerBI can be used to create insights.

Negotiate Your Adversary Into Your Ally
by Phil Richardson and Danielle Papillon

Conflict is inevitable in business. Whether it is a difference in business strategies, the vendor/buyer relationship, or working as competitors, adversarial relationships are bound to emerge over time.

In this session, learn from master builder Phil Richardson, who has built some of the world's largest structures and facilities, and his partner Danielle Papillon, co-authors of the book "Negotiate Your Adversary into Your Ally", how they use specific negotiating techniques to transform adversaries into allies, supporting their aims and making their projects more successful. Watch this video to learn powerful lessons learned competing in the largest markets in the world.

Improve your Bottom Line through Operational Excellence
by Sandeep Banerjee

Success in business today is all about creating VALUE, which requires continuous alignment of strategies, delivery models, and operations with the customer needs. Continuous adjustments are required because what has proven to be good in the past may become obsolete tomorrow. Change is inevitable and it's best to prepare for it by creating an operational environment that is continually seeking ways to improve performance.

Watch Procept associate Sandeep Banerjee, an expert on governing and improving operational processes, as he explores what it means to prepare for change and how to manage the changes as they happen. Watch this compelling session to discover recipes for elevating your operations to the next level and learn how 'Operational Excellence’ plays a role in improving the bottom-line.

Ending the Chaos: Juggling Multiple Projects or Activities
by Ori Schibi

As we get back to a “new normal” after the disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic, many of us are finding ourselves taking on more work and trying to juggle multiple activities while still adapting to the changes being thrust upon us. How can we better deal with multiple responsibilities that have competing priorities? You are only one person – how are you to best deal with people pulling you simultaneously in different directions?

In this webinar recording, learn from expert Ori Schibi as he shares time management tips that will help you meet your multiple responsibilities without feeling like you are out of control or constantly disappointing everyone.

Getting Back to Work in a COVID World
by Ori Schibi

COVID has created significant disruptions in our lives: businesses shut down, people working from home, supply chain issues, and more. Many of us have felt disconnected from our peers and are looking forward to getting back to work at the offices; however, what is that going to look like? Will everyone be back or will we go back in a phased approach? Will we be working in some type of hybrid approach where some people are in the office while others are still working from home? What about those who may not have been fully vaccinated? And what if things keep changing -- how are we to adapt? All of these questions -- and more -- are in our minds as we look ahead to the near future.

Join Procept's Ori Schibi as he shares tips for dealing with the return to work in a COVID world. This very practical session will not focus on the public health issues; instead, it deals with the practical aspects of common business operations that will need to adapt. He will also share tips for how we as individuals can prepare ourselves for the volatility and uncertainty that COVID variants are thrusting upon us plus the resulting anxiety they generate.

Risk Management Strategies: Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery
by Amber Howard

Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery are two powerful mitigating strategies for minimizing the negative impacts of risks threatening our businesses. Given the significant investment in time and money these programs can impose on businesses, how do you know if they are right for the unique risk management needs of your business?

In this recording of an interesting and informative webinar, join Procept's expert Amber Howard to learn about these strategies, how to identify if they are right for your business, and a simple framework to understand your business' core processes and the infrastructures necessary to support critical business operations. You will also learn the importance of identifying the minimum level of business operations necessary to achieve business objectives, regardless of the circumstances.

Entrepreneurial Skills: Become Unstuck and Move Forward with Velocity
by Amber Howard

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in certain areas of our lives. We may have areas of life that are thriving, where we are getting the results we want, while in other areas we cannot seem move forward (or move forward too slowly) no matter what we try. In this engaging, informative session, learn how to get yourself unstuck in the areas of life that matter to you.

Join Amber Howard and learn how to assess the different areas of your life to identify where you feel stuck. Discover how to achieve what you really want by analyzing where you are today and identifying the gaps you need to close in order to move forward. Finally, learn how to create solutions to close those gaps and take decisive actions to move forward with velocity.

Entrepreneurial Skills: Building Blocks for Success
by Amber Howard

Starting or expanding a business requires passion and dedication... but that’s not all: successful entrepreneurs also have developed five core skills – the “building blocks” of success – that help them achieve their visions. Developing these five building blocks should be the focus of every entrepreneur.

In this recorded webinar, join Procept senior consultant Amber Howard as she explains how to schedule your work and your life for better work-life balance, how to brainstorm to generate ideas to achieve our goals, why decomposing goals into manageable pieces increases your chances of success, how to create actionable plans, and tips for executing your plans that will help achieve your goals. Watch as she explains these building blocks using real-world examples that bring the concepts to life.

Entrepreneurial Skills: ALIGNED - Creating Worthy Goals
by Amber Howard

The classic S.M.A.R.T. criteria are great for defining objectives and requirements. It's important to be specific, measure what matters, and ensure we have clearly-defined, actionable steps to take. Having said that, a S.M.A.R.T. goal does not necessarily inspire us to leap out of bed each day. We define goals to drive us to expand so goals must be big enough to cause us to grow beyond what we know how to do in order to accomplish them. The results we desire come when we are pursuing goals worthy of our lives.

In this powerful video, join Amber Howard as she describes how to create A.L.I.G.N.E.D. goals. Discover what becomes possible when we have goals that really challenge us to go beyond what we know, and discover the truth of Thomas A. Edison's famous quote: "If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves." Come discover how you can astound yourself!