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IT Management Whitepapers

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Procept has been a long-standing provider of IT management training and consulting in Canada, the USA, and around the world. Our IT experts have produced the following articles and whitepapers for you to enjoy. Click on the buttons to view the documents in Adobe PDF format.

Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Preparedness

by Sola Oduko

As the changing global climate leads to an increase in natural disasters and global political instability and security issues lead to threats of violence, organizations struggle to ensure they will be able to continue providing products and services in the event that a major disruption strikes. Research shows that a single disaster can wipe out an organization that does not have plans in place to handle the unexpected. In this article, Procept thought leader Sola Oduko reveals how few organizations are adequately prepared for disaster and discusses some real situations that impacted operations. He also provides the steps required to prepare for disaster and how they are aligned with global standards.

ITIL® v4 is Here!

by Sola Oduko

AXELOS has announced the release of ITIL® version 4. This newest version of the standard for IT service management will begin rollout in early 2019 with a phased delivery of components over the year. During the transition, ITIL® v3 will still be available until some time in 2020. Read this article for more specific details including how to transition your completed or in-progress ITIL® certifications.

Agile DevOps

by Kevin Aguanno

A hot trend these days is the move towards Agile DevOps. DevOps is the term used to describe the process flow from software development through testing to deployment, and ongoing support. Called “development operations”, this is usually shortened to “DevOps”. The promise of Agile DevOps is to speed up the DevOps processes and make them more responsive to change. However, trying to implement Agile DevOps in a Traditional DevOps environment is a huge challenge without first changing underlying governance practices. In this article I’ll explain why and identify some success factors.