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Procept Associates and its Practical Management Instruction (PMI)subsidiary have a history of giving back to the management profession stretching back to PMI's founding in 1965.  Below are a number of videos that Procept has made available free of charge to the public to further the development of management skills around the world.


Everything I Learned About Leadership is from Volunteering
by Peter Monkhouse

How do you become a good leader? PMI has recognized leadership as one of the three dimensions of the project management talent triangle, and PMI’s research is showing leadership skills are important for project success. Certainly, there are tools and techniques that you can learn in classes that help develop your leadership skills but nothing beats being able to practice the skills. In this session, Peter will share his thoughts, based on over 25 years of volunteering, on key leadership skills that you can develop through volunteering and how you can transfer these skills to your professional career.

Setting the Ground Work: Working in and Leading a Virtual Team
by Claire Sookman

Virtual teams are no longer individuals living in remote areas. Virtual teams can be those in the building next door or even the office across the hallway. Making and managing the transition from traditional models of organizational operations to a virtual environment requires a strong foundation of trust, communication, and camaraderie: all capabilities this session will teach you. Participants in this workshop will learn how to communicate effectively within a virtual team setting and build a cohesive team that best facilitates communication and collaboration among virtual team members.

Planning Your Data-Driven Success Using a Capability Lens
by Mark Peco

Companies continue to increase their dependency on data and analytics for safely managing infrastructure, providing customer service, pursuing new growth opportunities, generating shareholder value, and maintaining regulatory compliance. New advances in data storage platforms, novel data sources, analytic algorithms, visualization techniques and open source software are causing challenges for companies to understand how everything fits together to create meaningful business results. A capability-based reference model can help organizations understand how to harness new and evolving analytic concepts in a manner that helps them enhance their business performance and achieve desired results. This video introduces a capability framework that describes the building blocks needed to successfully execute a data-driven strategy that aligns new analytic opportunities with key areas of business impact.

Join Procept's Mark Peco in this 45-minute video where you will learn:

  • To identify and categorize areas of business impact used for defining success
  • To describe business, analytic, data and organizational capabilities
  • How these capability areas are related and why understanding their dependencies is important
  • How capability maps are useful for developing a program plan

Mindfulness: A Key Factor in Leadership Development
by Prem Selver

The growing demand for corporate cost-cutting and restructuring is creating considerable stress and disengagement in both employees and leaders. This is the time to better understand how meditation can be not only an instrument for stress reduction but also a powerful tool for emotional and mental resilience and employee motivation.

While sharing values that motivate, having a sense of purpose, acting with integrity, authenticity, and emotional awareness are important in leadership, how can these be taught? The answer: by looking at the latest research on meditation and its role in leadership, you will be shown how meditation changes the leader to be more effective. The Leader who meditates will be a better motivator, resulting in increased productivity and employee engagement, and lower turnover. Other benefits include creating a positive work culture, promoting positive relationships, and building foundations of leadership success such as positive values, integrity, and trust.

Learn how mediation will improve your leadership success in this one-hour webinar by Procept Associate Prem Selver. You will be provided with some simple techniques to increase brain activity, reduce anxiety, and aid insomnia. Learn how to use meditation to create power for true leadership.

Speaking from personal experience as a leader and 16 years of practicing meditation, Selver will share how to be an effective leader in stressful work environments. Let what you learn change your life.