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Procept has a long and rich history delivering professional training in Canada and around the world. Procept delivered the first Project Management Professional (PMP) preparation class in Canada, created the first formal project management course delivered through a continuing education division at a Canadian university at the Professional Development Centre of University of Toronto's Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, and delivered the first course on agile project management offered through a Canadian university. Today, Procept maintains its relationships with higher education, offering classes through one US and seven Canadian universities plus a number of colleges. Procept instructors teach graduate classes in project management in the MBA or M.Eng. programs at several universities as well as post-graduate professional development classes.

In addition, Procept is a key partner for many major corporations, delivering customized in-house training to their staff. The client list for this type of training includes many of the largest corporations in the world, plus all levels of government and many non-profit organizations.

History of Successes

Procept’s success is due:

  • To the real-world experience of its associates
  • To its associates having training in adult education principles
  • To its ability to customize programs to clients’ specific environments and projects
  • To its dedication to continuous learning and improvement, starting with ISO 9001 registration and currently through participation in the ISO/TC258 committee developing standards for project, program and portfolio management.


Procept has experience developing and delivering training for several municipal and public sector clients, such as City of Calgary, City of Toronto, and Regional Municipality of York. Procept’s programs are offered in partnership with several universities and colleges (University of Calgary, University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, Western University, University of New Brunswick, Dalhousie University, University of Wisconsin, and Yukon College), as direct public offerings in major cities across Canada, and as in-house programs for corporate clients. Clients can choose from existing programs or Procept can craft custom-designed programs to meet specific requirements. The customization can be at various levels: from including industry-specific or clients’ actual projects as exercises, case studies and templates in off-the-shelf courses, to the development of unique curricula specific to clients’ unique environments.

Delivery Modes

Procept provides courses through all delivery modes: classroom training, instructor-led online (synchronous) training, self-paced (asynchronous) training, and hybrid training.

Below is a video showing our approach and experience to delivering e-learning solutions.

Earn Credits

Our courses are accredited by various organizations to earn you credits to help earn or maintain your certification.

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