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While project management can help create changes, the project doesn't truly succeed unless people actually start implementing the changes in their daily activities. The practice of change management includes the strategies and techniques to encourage people to overcome their resistance to change and take advantage of the new systems, policies, and practices included in the change. Procept is providing the change management videos below as a way of giving back to the change management community.


Benefits Realization: Combining Change Management and Project Management to Achieve Project Success
by Ori Schibi

Project Managers work hard to make sure that their project deliverables are created, reviewed, and signed off by their clients on time and on budget. But what happens if the deliverables never get used? What if the stakeholders resist the new changes and the project budget was spent in vain. Is “on time” and “on budget” enough to ensure success? Of course not. What project sponsors really want is for the project to achieve its expected business case benefits. Enter the discipline of change management. Strategies and practices exist to help ensure that project deliverables are accepted and used by project stakeholders to achieve the intended value. Change management fits these strategies and practices into frameworks that help one to ensure that a project delivers its intended results, not just its intended deliverables.

Join Procept senior consultant Ori Schibi in this 1 hour webinar as he shows project managers how they can start using change management practices to make their projects more successful.

Change is the New Norm: How to use Change Management Techniques in your Projects
by Sandra Reimer

What is change and what does it really take to manage it? Change is the new constant. From implementing new business strategies, mergers and acquisitions, to agile transformations, implementing new technologies, and new product development, change is everywhere! Today, most organizations tend to focus on the technology side but these initiatives are basically rendered useless if your employees and customers do not come along for the journey.

In this video, learn from Sandra Reimer, Director of Innovation & Transformation at Vertex Change Management (a Procept partner organization) on how to start developing your organization's change management competency.