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While project management can help create changes, the project doesn't truly succeed unless people actually start implementing the changes in their daily activities. The practice of change management includes the strategies and techniques to encourage people to overcome their resistance to change and take advantage of the new systems, policies, and practices included in the change. Procept is providing the change management videos below as a way of giving back to the change management community.


Coping with COVID-19 Stress and Anxiety
by Reginald Scotland

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused wide-scale economic havoc around the world as organizations change their business operations in novel ways: employees working from home, using new protective gear and processes, producing new products such as medical supplies and equipment, suspending operations temporarily, or even going bankrupt. Changes to how people work and related uncertainty creates stress in the workplace. Many households are also now dealing with reduced income caused by these employment changes, adding a further stressor. And capping it off, people have to deal with the fear of how the viral pandemic will affect their own health and that of loved ones. With all of these contributing factors, it is easy to see why some are struggling to cope with the stress an anxiety generated by this global pandemic. In this webinar recording, learn about seven attributes that you may already possess -- and that you can develop further -- to help you cope with the stress caused by the uncertainty and fear caused by these changes. For each of these seven attributes, learn how it contributes your own personal resilience, how you rank, and ideas for further development.

Leading People Through Continuous Change
by Carolynne Wintrip

Today's work environment is characterized by constant change. People and organizations need to be agile, resilient and productive. This recorded 60-minute webinar by change expert Carolynne Wintrip focuses on what we know about people and change, and how leaders can use a coaching approach to help individuals and teams adapt and build change capacity.

PMI PDU Code: 102106942T

Benefits Realization: Combining Change Management and Project Management to Achieve Project Success
by Ori Schibi

Project Managers work hard to make sure that their project deliverables are created, reviewed, and signed off by their clients on time and on budget. But what happens if the deliverables never get used? What if the stakeholders resist the new changes and the project budget was spent in vain. Is “on time” and “on budget” enough to ensure success? Of course not. What project sponsors really want is for the project to achieve its expected business case benefits. Enter the discipline of change management. Strategies and practices exist to help ensure that project deliverables are accepted and used by project stakeholders to achieve the intended value. Change management fits these strategies and practices into frameworks that help one to ensure that a project delivers its intended results, not just its intended deliverables.

Join Procept senior consultant Ori Schibi in this 1 hour webinar as he shows project managers how they can start using change management practices to make their projects more successful.

Change is the New Norm: How to use Change Management Techniques in your Projects
by Sandra Reimer

What is change and what does it really take to manage it? Change is the new constant. From implementing new business strategies, mergers and acquisitions, to agile transformations, implementing new technologies, and new product development, change is everywhere! Today, most organizations tend to focus on the technology side but these initiatives are basically rendered useless if your employees and customers do not come along for the journey.

In this video, learn from Sandra Reimer, Director of Innovation & Transformation at Vertex Change Management (a Procept partner organization) on how to start developing your organization's change management competency.

5 Ways to Respond Effectively to Change Reactions
by Siobhan Brown

Whenever change occurs, there will always be various reactions. For some, change can cause fear, doubt anxiety, insecurity, or perhaps ambivalence. While for others, change means excitement, anticipating opportunities, and looking forward to a new future.

Join Siobhan Brown, CTDP, PMP, an experienced Change Management professional and facilitator, as she leads us through the different reactions to change and how to overcome resistance.

Sustaining Change by Achieving Critical Mass
by Siobhan Brown

Achieving critical mass is a key part of building momentum and making change stick. Without it, stakeholders will likely revert back to the ways things were done before the change was introduced and there is a risk of not being able to sustain the change.

Developing Resilience During Change
by Gregg Brown

When an individual is experiencing high levels of change, their capacity to adapt can rapidly be depleted. Resilience and the ability to remain productive during turbulence helps people achieve better outcomes for themselves and their organizations. This video explains how to develop resilient behaviours during times of change.

Tips to Increase Your Organization’s Resilience
by Gregg Brown and Linda Hoopes

A resilient organization is one that can sustain high levels of performance while experiencing a lot of disruption. In this interactive webinar, Gregg Brown will examine characteristics of resilient organizations and explore some of the recent research on resilient organizations with Linda Hoopes of the Resilience Alliance. Gregg will explore with Linda the concept of resilience, the different types of disruption, (both internal and external) and how an organization can adjust to its environment and avoid significant drops in performance.

Change Management Practitioner (CMP) Certification - All You Need to Know
by Siobhan Brown

In this comprehensive webinar, Siobhan Brown CMP, PMP, CTDP will explain the benefits of the Change Management Practitioner (CMP) certification, and recent updates to the certification. Siobhan will provide an overview of the Change Management Foundation and Practitioner certification programs. She will also review the study requirements and identify all the practical applications of the course.

The Change Curve
by David Donaldson

In 1969, psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross introduced the change curve in her book On Death and Dying.  This 5 stage model is a widely-regarded way of looking at change, especially when dealing with the highly emotionally-charged change of grief.  We will look a the 5 stages and how they apply to us as change managers in a business setting.

PDU Code: 1051A2YP2D

The Local Change Agent
by David Donaldson

One of the biggest constraints we face as managers is resources.  This constraint is complicated by key stakeholders on a project not progressing through the change curve as smoothly as we would like.  A local change agent is to be our eyes, ears and advocates in the field.  This will not only extend our presence as we manage large, cross-functional projects but also it will increase the credibility of the message when it is coming from a local resource, not just from management.

Reactions to Change
by David Donaldson

We all react when it comes to change, at times we are excited and welcoming change. Other times, it is dreaded and drains our energy.  This highly interactive webinar will look at the various reactions, the potential drivers and strategies to effectively manage those reactions.

PDU Code: 10514W8K1E

Dealing with Resistance to Change
by David Donaldson

Reactions to change range from enthusiastic support, to vocal resistance. While we need to be cautious so as not to be distracted by the proverbial 'squeaky wheel', we none the less have to address the resisters in our projects.

This highly interactive webinar will look at the various ways resisters present themselves and various strategies to address them. We will look at how to turn those dreaded resisters into the PM’s best friend!

PDU code: 10517ZOZ0Z

Sustaining Change
by David Donaldson

This highly-interactive webinar looks at strategies to help change participants work through newly implemented change so that they can more easily transition their behaviours and habits to this new norm.
PDU Code: 1051QLWWEB

The Dynamic Duo: Change in Project Management
by David Donaldson

Traditionally, the worlds of Project Management (PM) and Change Management (CM) have been considered separate entities, with separate methodologies and applications. By combining the best of Project Management’s formal process and Change Management’s ability to influence and help people work through change, we are getting results that exceed the sum of their parts.

PDU Code: 1051X6O6YK

Powerful Communications - The Cornerstone for Gaining Commitment to Change
by Siobhan Brown

Effective leaders recognize and understand that resistance is greatest when change is unexpected or unexplained. As a result, they take a proactive approach by developing strategies and compelling communications to minimize resistance, as well as help individuals move through the change curve towards commitment. Communication strategies need to be well thought out and purposeful to create excitement and mobilize people to take action. In this engaging webinar, you will learn how to create a sense of urgency for the change, how to address individual concerns, and what people need communicated to them in order to gain their commitment to the change.

Developing a Solutions-Focused Mindset
by Gregg Brown

The capacity to exercise resilience and maximize its value forms the foundation of performance and productivity. One of the best strategies for gaining and maintaining resilience during stressful or extended periods of change is developing a solutions-focused mindset.  

In this short video, TidalShift change expert Gregg Brown takes you through a fascinating, real-world example that clearly illustrates the key aspects of developing a solutions-focused mindset to dealing with change.

Thinking Strategically to Lead Innovation
Siobhan Brown

Innovation projects mean changes -- big changes -- and, as we know, many people resist big changes, leading to significant challenges introducing innovations to the organization. In this video, TidalShift change management expert Siobhan Brown talks about the challenges one faces when introducing innovations and how to overcome them. By taking a strategic approach to planning the introduction of the innovations, she shows how one could improve the success of these projects.