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Train-the-Trainer Videos

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Procept Associates and its Practical Management Instruction (PMI)subsidiary have a history of giving back to the training profession stretching back to PMI's founding in 1965.  Below are a number of videos that Procept has made available free of charge to the public to further the training profession.


Asked To Train? Insider Tips for Knowledge Transfer Success
by Terry Kozlowski

If you need to train others as part of your job, you'll benefit from this one-hour video presented by Procept associate Terry Kozlowski. You'll learn practical tips you can apply immediately whether you're needing to show just one person how to do something or get up in front of a whole group. You'll discover:

  • 7 key principles of effective adult learning
  • 6 popular methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • The single most powerful technique to use to ensure they've actually learned what you intended