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Cindy Smith

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Cindy is an accomplished senior business professional with extensive experience on high-impact change programs. Cindy has a proven ability to “turn strategy into action” by translating concepts into actionable programs that can be implemented at a local or national level.

In the capacity of Consultant/Coach, Cindy demonstrates change leadership by developing pragmatic approaches and processes to meet change objectives within the organizational and strategic context and aiming for full benefit realization/ROI. Guiding ‘actors in the change’ through the process of change management planning through to execution and benefit realization has proven to be a key skill set.

As a Practitioner, she participates as a key change agent by executing change strategy and tactics through the practical use of best practice tools and techniques proven to advance people change objectives. Structured project/program management principles and practices are applied to ensure appropriate task management.

Cindy is passionate about all aspects of change management and leverages strong collaboration, relationship, and people development skills resulting in consistent achievement of individual, team, and organizational objectives. Exploiting her deep understanding and experience in the financial services industry, Cindy has contributed to a breadth of change programs, encompassing a range of business areas in both the US and Canada.




Financial Services, Information Technology, Nonprofit


Business Analysis, Business Process Review, Change Management, Planning, Program Management, Project Health Checks, Project Management, Project Portfolio Management, Requirements Gathering, Risk Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Strategic Planning