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Intentional Selling is a workshop, that maps out the dynamics of a proven, customer-focused sales process and hones professional selling skills from a problem solving perspective. Participants develop artful questioning skills using ‘Discovery Dialogue’, a strategic questioning framework which uses high-gain questions to fully explore customer needs. By combining the power of intention with sophisticated sales process skills, your team will develop new ways of thinking and effective selling behaviours. Intentional Selling produces consistent results, enhances customer relationships and compresses the selling cycle.

Discover & Design Phase

We get grounded in your selling world and the development needs of your people. We then tailor the workshop to fully meet your requirements. Customized case studies ensure real world role play and practical application during the workshop.

Deliver Phase (Intentional Selling Workshop)

We use experiential learning with cases, relevant examples and real world application exercises. People learn by doing. We create a highly interactive and dynamic experience using a variety of individual, small group and whole group exercises, combined with high quality feedback to facilitate the learning.

Execute Phase (Post-Workshop Reinforcement)

When you want real results, we nail the last and most critical step – reinforcement. We follow training with a robust plan to ensure sales behaviours are integrated in the field. Without a strategy to reinforce what was learned in the training workshop, real behavioural change is compromised. Our solution includes a systematic reinforcement plan which includes best practice sharing, sales tools and Sales Managers coaching skills/tools that build their capacity to fulfill their critical role of coaching their sales people.


On completion of day one the participants will be able to:

  • Structure client meetings to produce concrete outcomes
  • Become aware of sales habits and thought patterns, and the impacts on behaviour
  • Learn how to shift limiting assumptions and make choices that are in alignment with producing results
  • Prepare for customer meetings to establish professionalism, credibility, and a confident approach
  • Understand how effective preparation impacts sales results
  • Create effective openings to engage the customer and set clear expectations
  • Maintain control of the meeting process
  • Have confidence to ask what needs to be asked while maintaining rapport
  • Have the ability to propose the ‘best fit’ solution that demonstrates keen listening and understanding of client needs
  • Have confidence in ability to be compelling
  • Use benefits and relevant stories to create resonance with your client so they will choose to buy from you.
  • End every meeting with concrete next steps that keep the momentum moving forward
  • Understand the importance of customer follow up for sales and relationship success
  • Provide seamless follow up and deliver on promises



This course is intended for sales teams who wish to enhance their costumer relations and shorten the selling cycle.


This course has no prerequisite.


You will receive a course binder containing a copy of the presentation slides.


Overview and Foundational Concepts

  • Become aware of a process for increasing sales competence
  • Explore attitudes, assumptions and beliefs that are needed for sales success


Step 1: Prepare

  • Learn effective call planning strategies
  • How to use the ‘Call Planner’ to prepare for customer meetings


Step 2: Engage

  • How to open sales calls with empathy and set the stage for a productive meeting


Step 3: Discover

  • Learn ‘high gain’ questions that uncover needs, dig deeper and add value; listen with a focus on the customer
  • Use Discovery DialogueTM, a strategic questioning framework in role play practice and get high quality feedback.


Step 4: Position

  • How to use persuasive elements to influence customers and match products and services to their needs
  • Develop a ‘Storytelling Toolbox’ that brings your presentation to life


Step 5: Close

  • How to effectively respond to and welcome difficult questions and objections
  • How to ask for the best advance that leads to the close


Step 6: Follow-Up

  • Learn tactics to support the buying decision and the ongoing relationships for future business


course info

Course ID: TS-8120
Course Level: Advanced
Duration: 2 Days

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