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Some combination of market fragmentation, technological change, global competition, economic downturn, etc. is placing a demand on leaders to respond even more quickly and adaptively to meet ever-changing market, customer and competitive challenges. The common capability that organizations are attempting to achieve and sustain is AGILITY. The objective of the Leadership Agility SeminarTM is to help identify, build and sustain leadership capability as evidenced by behavior and results that are focused, fast and flexible.

This 1-day seminar is built upon a foundation of self-discovery through multiple forms of agility assessment. This seminar will help participants lead with greater foresight and expose them to the behaviors associated with leadership agility. This process concentrates on an accelerated transfer of leadership agility from discovery in the training session to implementation in the workplace. Our seasoned consultants are committed to working with diverse groups of leaders to improve their leadership agility.


  • The program is aimed at leaders with five to 10 years of experience
  • Participants should be leaders of leaders who have had some experience and responsibility for formulating and implementing strategy and change in their organizations
  • Participants will be asked to assess their leadership agility and determine ways in which they can lead in a more strategically agile fashion
  • This seminar includes individual activities and assessment, group discussions, case studies and skill proactive activities to reinforce the learning


This course is used with permission from Agility Consulting & Training, LLC ©2017

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Course ID: NH-8210
Course Level: Advanced
Duration: 1 Day

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