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Humber Certificate in Virtual Instructor-Led Training

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Procept invests heavily to ensure the quality of its courses and the facilitation by its instructors. On top of our internal training and development of our instructors, Procept provides additional resources through our Instructor University program. Additionally, in response to the increased demand for online instructor-led delivery, Procept has partnered with the Humber Institute of Technology to have Procept's instructors complete Humber's Certificate in Virtual Instructor-Led Training.

This certificate program requires instructors to complete a series classes that focus on the latest evidence-based best practices for how to make online delivery more engaging for adult learners. During the classes, participants learn how to design courses to use the capabilities of various online instructional tools to promote interaction and learner engagement. Then, the classes focus on the practical application of those techniques through a project where each participant redesigns an existing classroom-based course for online delivery and then facilitates ("teaches") a portion of that class to demonstrate their mastery of the online delivery best practices.

Procept enhanced this program with further advanced training on our chosen online training technology platform: GoToTraining.

Instructors who successfully complete the program to the satisfaction of the Humber professor, receive a Certificate in Virtual Instructor-Led Training and the right to use the following logo ("badge") on their profiles:

Humber Certificate in Virtual Instructor-Led Training


The current list of Procept instructors who have achieved this credential includes:

  • Kevin Aguanno
  • Darya Duma
  • Sami Fahmy
  • Hamid Faridani
  • Gabriella Fermo
  • Kirk Fox
  • Inex Halaska
  • Anne Hurtubise (in progress)
  • Luigi Iacobellis
  • Terry McLean
  • Peter Monkhouse
  • Sola Oduko
  • Janice Petley
  • Bill Richardson
  • Ori Schibi
  • Reginald Scotland
  • Morley Selver (in progress)
  • Carolynne Wintrip