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Deadline Fast Approaching for PRINCE2 Certification Exams

  • By: pcadmin on 23 Jun 2017

AXELOS have launched a new version of the PRINCE2 manual (2017 version). How will it affect me? Should I wait for the 2017 version of the PRINCE2 manual or take my Practitioner training and examination with version 2009?

We would thoroughly recommend that you take your training and examination with version 2009 of the PRINCE2 manual for the following reasons:

  • Fundamentally, there is no difference in the 2017 manual; therefore, you will not be disadvantaged in any way. Additionally, your certification will still be valid if you take your PRINCE2 Practitioner examination with the 2009 version and you do not need to retake it with the 2017 version.
  • If you have already passed your PRINCE2 Foundation Examination and have purchased a copy of the 2009 manual, then you do not need to buy a new one to take the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination.
  • The new manual is likely to cost at least an additional £10 ($17 Canadian, $13 US Dollars, or  €14 Euros)
  • Your PRINCE2 Practitioner accreditation will be valid for 5 years instead of 3 years. AXELOS have informed us that delegates will either need to join their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme at a cost or they will need to re-register every 3 years.
  • The re-registration examination will no longer be available after 31st December 2017. From 2018, candidates will have to take the full examinations at the higher rate.
  • The new examination questions are under review and they may be difficult to understand. It may be advisable to wait for the 2017 version examinations, until the trainers have a good grasp of the terminology and the questions have been reviewed further.

Furthermore, for all those colleagues whose PRINCE2 registration will expire in under two years time, we would ask you all to take your re-registration examination by the end of 2017, for the reasons stated above


FREE WEBINAR - Implementing ITIL and Certifying to the ISO 20000-1 Standard

  • By: pcadmin on 16 Jun 2017

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v 2011 contains a set of best practices for the creation, design, development, operation and continual improvement of IT services that deliver value to an organization. Organizations that implement ITIL can choose whether or not to certify to the ISO 20000-1 International Standard, which drives benefits including improved quality of services; increased business and customer confidence; better understanding of roles, processes, and the business by management and staff; demonstrated superiority over competitors; etc.

This 1-hour webinar delivered by Procept’s IT Management Practice Lead, Sola Oduko, is designed for participants who are considering implementing ITIL and those interested in certifying to the ISO 20000-1 standard.  The webinar will be held on August 24, 2017 at Noon Eastern time.

It will enable participants to:

  • Describe the ISO 20000 publications
  • Prepare a plan for implementing the ISO 20000-1 standard
  • Describe common challenges and how to overcome them
  • Understand key lessons learned from implementing the standard at a financial institution and a telecommunication company


What Makes a Great Project Manager?

  • By: pcadmin on 14 Jun 2017

Graduate students of project management at Brandeis University prepared the following infographic on the 10 qualities of a great project manager. We thought it was interesting enough to share with you.

What makes a great project manager?


FREE WEBINAR - Disaster-Proofing your Business

  • By: pcadmin on 13 Jun 2017

The world as we know it is getting more dangerous for individuals and for businesses. Global warming is causing a marked increase in extreme weather events. Cyber-terrorism and hacking are putting even large corporations who can afford proper security at risk. Civil unrest and terrorism are threatening employees and facilities. Today's businesses are facing threats from all angles — how is one to cope?

Join Procept associate Sola Oduko on July 13, 2017 at Noon Eastern time for this 1-hour free webinar as he helps participants to:

  • Understand the business continuity planning lifecycle
  • Learn how to get started building a business continuity plan
  • Learn about an international standard (ISO 22301) establishing best practices for a business continuity management system


Announcing the Farndale Scholarships for Post-Secondary Students of Project Management

  • By: pcadmin on 13 Jun 2017

In honour of the lifetime contributions of our co-founder, Keith Farndale, Procept has established the Farndale Scholarships — a 100% tuition bursary for post-secondary students of project management seeking professional-level courses outside of the academic environment. Up to two scholarships are available per course session with eligibility extended to post-secondary students who have taken a post-secondary project management course within the past two years. Please click on the button below to view eligibility criteria and how to apply.

FREE WEBINAR - Planing Your Data-Driven Success Using a Capability Lens

  • By: pcadmin on 12 Jun 2017

Companies continue to increase their dependency on data and analytics for safely managing infrastructure, providing customer service, pursuing new growth opportunities, generating shareholder value, and maintaining regulatory compliance. New advances in data storage platforms, novel data sources, analytic algorithms, visualization techniques and open source software are causing challenges for companies to understand how everything fits together to create meaningful business results.

A capability-based reference model can help organizations understand how to harness new and evolving analytic concepts in a manner that helps them enhance their business performance and achieve desired results. This webinar introduces a capability framework that describes the building blocks needed to successfully execute a data-driven strategy that aligns new analytic opportunities with key areas of business impact.

Join Procept associate Mark Peco on June 29, 2017 at Noon Eastern time for this 1-hour free webinar as he helps participants to:

  • Identify and categorize areas of business impact used for defining success
  • Describe business, analytic, data and organizational capabilities
  • Understand how these capability areas are related and why understanding their dependencies is important
  • Understand how capability maps are useful for developing a program plan


New Video: Why All the Fuss About Agile?

  • By: pcadmin on 06 May 2017

Join Procept's Agile Practice Lead, Kevin Aguanno, as he explains why agile approaches are needed, what are the benefits and risks of taking an agile approach, and how to tell if agile may be the right approach for your own project.

This is the latest in a series of short instructional videos released by Procept to showcase our instructors and to give back to the agile community. Subscribe to the Procept YouTube channel to get notified of new videos as they are released.

FREE Webinar: Why all the Fuss about Agile?

  • By: pcadmin on 21 Apr 2017

Kevin AguannoJoin Senior Procept Associate Kevin Aguanno in a free webinar on April 28, 2017 at noon Eastern (Toronto) time, as he explains why agile delivery methods have grown in popularity so quickly, what are the benefits and risk of using them, and how do you know when agile techniques are appropriate for your project.

New Video: Mindfulness - A Key Factor in Leadership Development

  • By: pcadmin on 06 Apr 2017

New associate Prem Selver delivers an interesting look at the role of mindfulness meditation in helping manage stress, remove distractions and provide focus. He discusses this interesting leadership development tool in a new 1-hour video made available for free by Procept Associates Ltd.

This is the latest in a series of short instructional videos released by Procept to highlight the teaching skills of its instructors and to drive interest in Procept's offerings. Subscribe to the Procept YouTube channel to get notified of new videos as they are released.

APM Achieves Chartered Status for Project Managers

  • By: pcadmin on 13 Mar 2017

The culmination of nearly 20 years' worth of work, the Association for Project Management (APM), the U.K. arm of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) has been awarded "Chartered Status". This is a ground-breaking feat that sets the stage for future changes in Canada and around the world.

To practice many professions in the U.K., one needs, essentially, a license to practice. These "licenses" are granted by chartered bodies to members who are able to demonstrate adequate levels of knowledge and competence. A Canadian example would be a Chartered Accountant -- no one can call themselves a Chartered Accountant except someone who has received their "license" to practice as such.

In the U.K., the Queen awarded the APM a charter a few months ago. The transition to a chartered profession will be phased in over the rest of this year, culminating in the offering of a "Chartered Project Manager" qualification to the APM's members. No one in the U.K. will be able to call themselves a "Chartered Project Manager" except those who have attained the highest level of standards in the country. Once this is fully in place, and a couple of years have passed, one would imagine that major projects would only be available to Chartered Project Managers. Think about how Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Accountants, etc. have dominated their professions. Sure, you may have a bookkeeper to do the mundane accounting data entry for your business, but you will hire a Chartered Accountant to prepare your corporate tax filings. The same will likely happen to project managers in the U.K.: to work at the highest levels, on the most interesting projects, one may need to have achieved chartered status first.

This is a big threat to PMI, as being a PMI member or achieving the PMP credential in the U.K. may soon no longer be relevant for gaining employment or progressing through one's career. In future years, if this trend catches on in other Commonwealth countries, such as Canada, then obtaining competence-based qualifications, like those available from the Project Management Association of Canada (PMAC) may be more important than attaining knowledge-based credentials from PMI. While it is still too soon to tell where this is headed, the first inroads have been made in the U.K. and many in the profession are eager to see what the future holds in store for Chartered Project Managers.

Procept has a few APM members in its lineup of instructors and one — Kevin Aguanno — is a Fellow of the APM, the association's highest honour.


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