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PMP exam-writer M says…

  • By: pcadmin on 29 Nov 2012

Passed the exam last week. Read Rita’s 7th edition, Andy Crowe’s book and PMP in Depth by Paul Sanghera. What I learned from my exam is: there is no single book covers everything. If you have the time, read more. Of course, PMBOK is the one worth reading more than one time. Rita Mulcahy says you don’t need to memorize the ITTO (Inputs, T&T, Outputs). I don’t agree it. I missed 2 questions in exam because of that.”

PMP exam-writer R says…

  • By: pcadmin on 19 Nov 2012

I agree with Rita. I had 2-3 questions directly related to ITTO’s but you have to decide if the amount of time it would take to memorize all of the ITTO’s is worth the payoff. It would have taken me days to memorize all of the ITTO’s so I decided to focus on being solid with the concepts and memorize the Knowledge Areas Map (table 4-3 in PMBOK) instead.”

PMP exam-writers from Nunavut report…

  • By: pcadmin on 18 Nov 2012

They found it challenging but fair. Don’t memorize ITTO’s!! Just know them really well. Basic formulas need to be known. Did not find any trick questions. They thought Farndale’s Guide questions were harder and that there were some trick questions in there. Think multi-million, large, multi-year project when answering the PMP questions.


  • By: pcadmin on 13 Jul 2012

Q Should a person should do their CAPM first if they don’t have their hours for the PMP?

A First, have a fresh look at your experience. Even if you are not formally labeled a PM, you may qualify as having managed some “temporary endeavours”. If still insufficient hours and you have not yet taken our course, some of us advise against the CAPM if you will have enough PMP hours within six months.  If you have taken the course, then I advise writing the CAPM now as you’ll forget the content that you are not using.

I suspect the growth in number of the CAPM has disappointed PMI. There are 17,000 CAPMs compared to 468,000 PMPs.


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