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Consultant Role Industry Areas

Anne Hurtubise

Senior Instructor and Consultant Cross-Industry Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Process Change, Stakeholder Engagement

Beth Wallace

Senior Consultant Cross-Industry, Education Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Presentation Design and Delivery

Deborah Fletcher

Senior Consultant Cross-Industry Leadership, Supervisory Skills, Train the Trainer, Virtual Team Management

Gabriella Fermo

CHRL, Prosci (ADKAR), MBTI Certified
Senior Facilitator & Learning Consultant Cross-Industry, Education Change Management, Curriculum Development, Leadership, Management Development, Organizational Development, Performance Management, Presentation Design and Delivery, Psychometric Assessments, Supervisory Skills, Train-the-Trainer (T3)

Jill Hooper

Senior Leadership Facilitator Cross-Industry, Nonprofit, Professional Services Change Management, Leadership

Kelly Duffy-Bassett

Consultant and Trainer Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Nonprofit, Professional Services Customer Service, Presentation Design and Delivery, Supervisory Skills, Train the Trainer

Kirk Fox

Senior Leadership Facilitator and Executive Coach Cross-Industry, Education Leadership, Supervisory Skills

Michelle Ray

Senior Instructor Cross-Industry Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Leadership

Terry Kozlowski

Senior Instructor Cross-Industry, Government, Healthcare, Information Technology Business Assessment, Business Process Review, Change Management, Curriculum Development, Leadership, Organizational Strategy, Process Change, Process Improvement, Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Train the Trainer