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Agile Courses

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Being a pioneer in professional project management training, Procept has covered the gamut of emerging project management techniques from the rise of Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) and Critical Chain scheduling in the 1990s to the Lean and Agile Project Management trends of the new millennium.

Below is our current catalogue of agile course offerings:

Earn Credits

Our courses are accredited by various organizations to earn you credits to help earn or maintain your certification.

Beginner Courses

Course ID Title Duration
7103B Agile Bootcamp for Executives and Senior Managers 1 day
7304 Agile Business Stakeholder Basics [Online] 1 hour
7600 Agile Construction Fundamentals 1/2 Day
7306 Agile Documentation Best Practices [Online] 1 hour
7300 Agile Executive Awareness [Online] 1 hour
7100B Agile PM Bootcamp 2-Days
7106 Being Agile: Understanding the Agile Mindset and Team Dynamics 1/2 day
7705 Certified SAFe Product Owner/Manager 2 days
7401 Choosing the Right Approach 1/2 day and 1 day versions
7401A Choosing the Right Approach [Online] 4 hours
7501 Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) 2 days
7105 Doing Agile: Understanding Agile Processes 1/2 day
7101 Introduction to Agile 1 day
7102 Introduction to Agile Requirements Using User Stories [Online] 1 hour
8210 Leadership Agility Seminar 2 Days
7000 Lean Project Management [Online] 2 hours
7710 SAFe for Teams / Certified SAFe Practitioner 2 days
VM-7001 Scrum Developer Certification Training 2 days
CA-7502 Scrum Immersion [Online] 14 hours

Intermediate Courses

Course ID Title Duration
7303 Agile BA Basics 1/2 day and 1 day versions
7301 Agile Business Analysis Essentials or Certified Agile Business Analyst 2 Days
7307 Agile Requirements Management 1 day
7511 Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) 2 days
7701 Leading SAFe / Certified SAFe Agilist 2 days
7200 PMI-ACP® Exam Preparation or Certified Agile Project Manager 3 days
CA-7501 PMI-ACP® Exam Preparation [Online] 21 hours
VM7003B Scrum Master Certification 2 days + exam
VM7003A Scrum Master Certification and Exam [Online] 16 hours + exam
VM-7002 Scrum Product Owner Certification Training 2 days

Advanced Courses

Course ID Title Duration
7305 Advanced Topics in Agile Project Management 1 day

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