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International Certificate Program in Management and Leadership

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An online professional growth and development opportunity designed for global administrators and managers

The ability of our businesses and governments to successfully move into the future requires leaders that embrace the critical concepts of significance, resilience, and sustainability. Increasingly, we have come to understand the power of meaningful change, effective collaborations, global engagement, and innovative practices, in pursuit of a better future for our governments and the people we serve.

Procept's Practical Management division is pleased to offer an online international certificate program, specifically designed for administrators and managers. We are looking for thoughtful practitioners with a dedicated interest in achieving personal, professional, and organizational excellence; a desire to enhance public service; and a commitment to working with international colleagues who share similar beliefs and goals.

Practical Management Leadership Institute provides innovative professional development programs that build the capacity of people and organizations that serve corporations, businesses and governments world wide. It is affiliated with Stockholm University, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship; St. George University, Grenada; University of the Caribbean; and the ECCMD Center of Leadership and Management Development.

Over the years, thousands of managers have completed this certificate program.


Program Description

Each course consists of a number of modules offered in a one-week format and may consist of online readings, diverse presentation formats, assignments and discussion boards. Other online tools will also be utilized. At the end of each course, participants will complete a strategic application project that utilizes the information gained from the course and applies it to a work-related issue, challenge, or opportunity. There is a four- to six-week break between each of the three courses.

Course I: Issues and Opportunities in Global Leadership

  • Online Learning Technology
  • Global Leadership and Local Practices
  • Global Economics and Finance for Government Leaders
  • Talent Development: The Human Side of Government Performance
  • Leading and Sustaining Productive Change in Organizations and Communities
  • Strategic Application

Course II: Structuring the Organization for Management

  • The Organizations as a System
  • Policy Initiatives in Government Organizations
  • Strategic and Operational Planning for Government Organizations
  • Managing the Organization and Programs for Sustainability
  • Structuring Competition, Collaboration and Partnering
  • Strategic Application

Course III: Analysis and Application for Productive Performance

  • The Decision Environment: Factors that Influence Analysis
  • Problem Analysis and Solution: Tools for Making Sustaining Change
  • Productive Interactive Structures: Human Networks and Innovative Project Teams
  • Ethics in Global Leadership and Management
  • Initiating and Sustaining Productive Relations Between Elected and Appointed Officials
  • Strategic Application



  • Enhance administrative and management knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Explore policy development, implementation and best practices
  • Expand professional networks
  • Engage in online dialogue and learning that addresses real-world issues, challenges, and opportunities
  • Learn about and utilize a variety of online communication tools
  • Apply acquired knowledge through practical, work-related exercises and projects


Presenters and Facilitators

The professionals that serve as program instructors, facilitators, and learning guides are carefully selected from around the world for their experience and expertise in public, private, and non-government organizations. The ability to effectively teach in an online format that provides a dynamic learning environment, for our participants, is also a critical component of the selection process.

Program Offerings

We are pleased to offer the International Certificate Program in Management and Leadership online for international administrators and managers.

For more information, contact info@practicalmgt.com.

Course Fees

The total fee for the three-course online program is $3,600 USD.

  • All candidates must register and submit payment by check, credit card, wire transfer or (with pre-approval) purchase order to be enrolled in PMLI's International Certificate Program.
  • All purchase orders must be issued in the same fiscal year as the class.
  • Refund requests must be received in writing at least 1 week prior to the start of class. A $200 refund processing fee will be charged. No refunds will be made after the class start date. Requests may be sent by email (info@practicalmgt.com) or by mail.
  • Early registration is encouraged.


For More Information

For more information, please contact Procept's Practical Management division at
Phone: 1-800-444-9101 (Canada & USA only)
Phone: +1 (480) 478-0882 (International)
E-mail: info@practicalmgt.com.