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Consultant Role Industry Areas

Terry (Aldebert) McLean

BA Practice Lead; Training and Consulting Associate Cross-Industry, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Nonprofit Business Analysis, Business Analysis Training, Business Process Review, Project Management, Requirements Gathering, Six Sigma, Stakeholder Engagement

Terry Kozlowski

Senior Instructor Cross-Industry, Government, Healthcare, Information Technology Business Assessment, Business Process Review, Change Management, Curriculum Development, Leadership, Organizational Strategy, Process Change, Process Improvement, Project Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Train the Trainer

Victoria Mlynko

Senior Facilitator and Leadership Coach Cross-Industry, Financial Services, Professional Services, Telecommunications Leadership

Vijay Verma

Senior Instructor Cross-Industry Change Management, Conflict Resolution, Curriculum Development, Process Change, Project Management, Project Management Training, Research & Development

Warren Griffin

B.Sc., LL.B.
Senior Consultant Cross-Industry Leadership