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Project Management Courses

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Procept Associates offers more than 85 project management courses, enabling participants to successfully achieve their goals in project management. Each course can be taken individually or as part of a program towards certification. Instructional time per course ranges from 2–70 hours and is delivered as on-site training at your company, in a public course, or through one of our partnered universities.

Additionally, most Procept PM courses are registered with PMI®, each providing one Professional Development Unit (PDU) for each course hour. These PDUs can be used towards the requirements for maintaining Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification.

For students interested in pursuing PMP® or CAPM® accreditation, Procept recommends our PMP® or CAPM® examination preparation courses or The Comprehensive Project Management Seminar. We also recommend you study Farndale’s PMP® and CAPM®Preparation Guide

In addition to the courses listed below, don't forget our agile project management courses and soft skills courses.


PMP, CAPM, PMI, PMBOK are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.



Earn Credits

Our courses are accredited by various organizations to earn you credits to help earn or maintain your certification.

Beginner Courses

Course ID Title Duration
2100 2019 Microsoft Project 2 days
RM-2653 8 Habits of Very Successful Project Managers 1 Day
1651 Business Analysis for the Project Manager 2 days
1300 CAPM® Exam Preparation 3.5 days
5000 Change Management in a Project Environment 3 Day
TS-2721 Effectively Starting a Project Team 1 Day
1604 EPC Project Management 4 or 5 days
1604A EPC Project Management [Online] 25 hours
PK-1090 Establishing, Maintaining and Fixing Effective PMO 3 days
PK-1091 Financial and Basic Accounting Principles for Project Managers 2 days
1555 Fundamentals of Industrial Project Management 3 days
1454 Fundamentals of Project Cost Control 1/2 day
1509 Intro to Oil and Gas Project Management [Online] 2 hours
1500D Introduction à la gestion de projet 1 day
1500 Introduction to Project Management 1 day
1500F Introduction to Project Management [Online] 7.5 hours
1100B Introduction to Risk Management [Online] 4 hours
2851 IT Project Management 2 days
1001H Les essentiels de la gestion de projet 3 days
2200 Managing Successful Information Systems Projects 3 days
PK1092B Negotiation Basics for Construction Project Managers 2 days
PK-1002 Negotiations for Project Managers 1 day
1508 Planning for Success 1/2 day or 1 day
SS-1101 Primavera P6 Fundamentals Rel 15 3 days
SS-1707 Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals Rel 15 3 days
1750 PRINCE2 Foundation 3 days
PK-1093 Project Integration Management – How to Put it All Together 1 day
1510 Project Management Basics 1 day
TS-2702 Project Management Concepts 1 Day
1550 Project Management Essentials 3 days
1554 Project Management Essentials for Construction 2 or 3 days
1551 Project Management Essentials for Contractors 2 days
1203 Project Management Essentials for Land Surveyors 1 day
1550A Project Management Essentials [Online] 20 hours
1501 Project Management Executive Awareness 1/2 day and 1 day versions
1553 Project Management for Festivals, Events and Hospitality 2 days
1505 Project Management Simulation 1 day
CA-1007 Project Management Skills for Non-Project Managers [Online] 4 hours
PK-1094 Scope, WBS and Change Control 2 days

Intermediate Courses

Course ID Title Duration
2101 Advanced Microsoft Project 1 day
1000 Comprehensive Project Management Seminar: Core Skills 3 Days
1001 Comprehensive Project Management Seminar: Enhanced Skills 3 Days
1802 Conflict Resolution in Projects 2 days
1704 Contract Management for Field Personnel 2 days
2600 Contract Management for Field Personnel [Online] 12 hours
1707 Contract Management for Large Construction Projects 1 day
1803 Creating a Truly Inspiring Project 1 day
1603 Dealing with Impossible Projects 1 day
PK-1610 Effective Project Sponsorship 1 Day
MS-1451 Fundamentals of Capital Project Cost Control 1 day
MS2700A Fundamentals of Capital Project Cost Control [Online] 1.5 hours
1701 Gestion des Contrats et des Approvisionnements 2 days
1100A Gestion des risques du projet 2 days
PX-2800 Introduction to Program Management 2 days
1401 Managing in the Face of Meddling Stakeholders 1 day
1804 Managing Large Project Teams [Online] 18 hours
2900 Managing Project Innovation: Lessons from the Industrial Revolution [Online] 20 Hours
1100 Managing Project Risk 1 or 2 days
1202 Managing Project Risk [Half Day] 1/2 Day
MK-1805 Managing Projects in a Hostile Environment 1 day
MK-2353 Managing Projects in a Sea of Change 1 day
1150 Mechanical Contracting Project Management 10 days
MS-1250 Operators as Part of a Project Team [Online] 0.75 hours
2005 Planning and Scheduling in a Marine Industrial Environment 3 or 4 days
CA-1014 PMI-RMP (Risk Management Professional) Exam Prep [Online] 14 hours
1200 PMP® Exam Preparation 5 days
SS-0704 Primavera P6 Professional Advanced Rel 15 2 days
SS-0703 Primavera P6 Advanced Rel 15 2 days
1751 PRINCE2 Practitioner 2 days
2251 Program Management in Aerospace 6 days
1601 Project Closeout Best Practices 1 day
1402 Project Communications and Stakeholder Management 1 or 2 Days
TS-2710 Project Estimating 1 Day
PK-1608 Project Health & Quality Management 1 day
1700 Project Procurement and Contract Management 1 or 2 days
CA-1009 Project Quality Management [Online] 7 hours
2002 Project Scheduling and Controls 5 days
1850 Project Scheduling and Cost Controls 3 days
2001 Project Scheduling Essentials 3 days
PK-1609 Project Troubleshooting, Recovery and Restoration 2 days
CA-1011 Schedule and Cost Control [Online] 14 hours
CA-1012 Scope and Requirements Development [Online] 21 hours
1000 The Comprehensive Project Management Seminar 6 days
MK-1606 Understanding Programme and Project Governance 1 day

Advanced Courses

Course ID Title Duration
2003 Advanced Project Scheduling and Controls 2 days
VV-4303 Change Management: Using the Art of Influencing and Positive Politics 1 day
1705 Construction Law 1 day
1703 Contract Monitoring 2 days
VV-1806 Creating High Performance Teams 2 days
VV-1807 Effective Communications in Project Management 4 days
VV-1809 Effective Project Leadership 2 days
4D-1010 Governance of Projects 1 Day
1453 Introduction to Project Finance [Online] 2 hours
1351 Introduction to Project Portfolio Management 1 day
PK-1095 Leadership & Change Management for Project Managers 3 Days
VV-1801 Leadership, Relationships and Change 2 days
PX-1565 Portfolio Management Essentials 2 or 3 days
VV-1808 Power, Influence and Politics in Project Management 2 days
SS-0702 Primavera P6 Application Administration Rel 15 2 Days
2253 Program Management Essentials: Transforming Strategy into Reality 2 or 3 days
TS-5500 The Dynamic Duo: Change in Project Management 1 Day
1607 Troubled Project Recovery 1 day

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