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Kelly Duffy-Bassett

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Kelly Duffy-Bassett has been working in the training and consulting field for over 20 years. She specializes in providing customized training designed to optimize the performance and contribution of employees at all levels in an organization. Kelly. She holds a BS in Social Work and an MS in Adult and Continuing Education.

Her industry experience includes: Health Care in both hospital and outpatient environments, Banking, and Professional and Technical Consulting firms. She has developed, provided training and consulted in the areas of Presentation Writing and Delivery, Train the Trainer for both Technical and Non-technical training, and key aspects of supervisory skill development. Kelly has extensive experience in providing skills training to help line staff transition into the role of a supervisor or manager. She has also consulted with large and small organizations to improve the customer service skills of individuals throughout an organization.




Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Nonprofit, Professional Services


Customer Service, Presentation Design and Delivery, Supervisory Skills, Train the Trainer