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Join Procept associate Terry Kozlowski as she shares success tips for new supervisors who are directly responsible for their workers' performance.

In today’s world, a product or idea becomes obsolete before it comes off the drawing board. Leadership seems to be the mitigating factor to keep the bottom line from eroding or advancing.

In these challenging times, how do you motivate and reward employees when budgets are tight?

One of the most important things in any product (or service) development venture is to listen to, understand and capture the voice of the customer.

TidalShift associate Dr.

In this video, mindfulness expert Beth Wallace, a TidalShift trainer and consultant, discusses how this hot trend is making a big impact in the workplace.

Join Procept associate and best-selling author Vijay K.

by Vijay K. Verma (PMI Fellow, PMP, MBA, P. Eng.)

Join Procept Associate Terry Kozlowski as she shares tips on how to best teach others.

Join Procept Associate Ralph Kuhn as he addresses how taking a casual approach to project communications management may put your project or program at risk.